The Foundation for Niagara & Hamilton area Christian Schools (FNHCS) was developed as a longterm solution to Christian school funding. Originally named the Niagara Christian Education Foundation (NCEF), it was established as a federally incorporated public foundation in December of 1997 by the following member schools:

Beacon Christian Schools, St. Catharines
Covenant Christian School, Smithville
Dunnville Christian School
John Knox Christian School, Fruitland
Smithville District Christian High
Wellandport Christian School
Following the amalgamation of Covenant and John Knox in 1999 to form the Niagara Association for Christian Education (NACE), the Foundation Board of Directors initiated a legal name change from NCEF to Foundation for Niagara Christian Schools (FNCS).

The FNCS name served our foundation well until September of 2008 when the following six sister schools from the Greater Hamilton area were unanimously welcomed as full members:

Brantford Christian School
Calvin Christian School, Hamilton
Dundas Calvin Christian School
Hamilton District Christian High
Jarvis District Christian School
Trinity Christian School, Burlington
To coincide with this growth in member schools, another legal name change to Foundation for Niagara & Hamilton area Christian Schools was initiated.

Historically, Christian schools used “short-term fundraisers” to obtain a balanced budget and to minimize tuition increases. For decades, these efforts have generally been effective in meeting the immediate needs of the school. The recommendation came from the schools boards in the mid nineties to explore other avenues of long term funding. Establishing and growing a Christian school foundation with corresponding endowments and other permanent and/or flow-through funds was envisioned as a credible long-term solution.

The goal is to gather funds in the form of outright charitable gifts, bequests in wills and trusts, memorial gifts on behalf of a loved one, gifts of real estate, securities, life insurance, deposit agreements and charitable annuities. General Endowments, as well as several Named Endowments, have been established for each member school society of our Foundation. Planned and estate gifts directed to an appointed school are invested and earnings generated from the gifts are intended to provide funds for tuition reduction, bursaries, programs or capital expenditures such as building additions and major renovation projects.

A planned gift is a way to express encouragement and appreciation for Christian schooling. It is an enduring expression of support to ensure that a Christ-centered education will continue to be affordable for future generations.

Mr. Henry J. Koornneef was appointed as the Executive Director in October of 2001, and together with the Board of Directors, continues to administer our Foundation and promote the planned giving program. Henry continues to equip himself through continuing education to ensure professionalism, competency and integrity in his work. In addition, Henry is also a fully qualified CFP (Certified Financial Planner™) and CSA (Certified Senior Advisor™).

Confused by terms such as estate planning, planned giving or tax-efficient gift planning? Henry is always willing to offer you honest, independent advice and is equipped to work with your other current advisors to together develop a plan that is right for you.

Mission Statement
To enable our children to grow, in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, in the knowledge of the Father’s world and in the love of others. (Based on Luke 10:27, The Great Commandment.)

What is needed to carry out the mission?
God’s enabling Spirit, God’s Word, dedicated Christian teachers and the gifts of God’s people.