Typical Grandparents

How could “typical grandparents” work with a Foundation? Isn’t that more for very wealthy people? This is what Ike and Marie DeKlerk of Dunnville have learned about this question over the past few years.

John Rozema Awards for Teacher Excellence Winners

We are happy to congratulate the winners of the John Rozema Awards for Teacher Excellence: Kasia Konstanty, Eric Brink, Richie VanderWier, Jonathan Devries, and Harry Blyleven, from Hamilton District Christian High School, were presented the group award.

CEO Announcement

The Board of Directors of the Christian School Foundation is pleased to announce Tony Kamphuis as our Foundation’s new Chief Executive Officer.

When Gifts Change Lives

“Here’s a woman who’s making a difference long after she’s passed away, for families in situations she could have never imagined.” This is how Tony Kamphuis describes the impact of a gift from the late Mrs.