The Recruitment Bursary was developed to assist Christian Schools as they draw in families who are new to Christian Education. This bursary is intended to help your school spread the influence of Christian education and bring additional tuition dollars into your school. When a family who can afford some or most of their tuition receives this extra help and decides to enroll rather than walk away, the school’s budget gains both this Bursary income and the portion the family can afford.

Bursary Information

This bursary is primarily intended for potential new families who may not have the financial means to attend your school and have already qualified as eligible for your school’s tuition assistance program. Families who receive this bursary will be eligible for ongoing support through the Partnership Bursary Program the following year.

This bursary can also be used for potential new families who may not clearly demonstrate financial need but in the estimation of your school, nonetheless require a small incentive or ‘nudge’ to reassure them as they join your school. If your school is willing to use its bursary fund for such a family, you may apply for funds to match your commitment.

The Recruitment Bursary generally offers bursaries up to $1,500.

This program is not intended to replace your school’s existing bursary program, but rather to complement it. Bursaries will not exceed the amount that the school bursary is offering. (For example, if a school offers a family a $1,000 bursary the Foundation will contribute no more than $1,000.)

Schools in discussion with new families who require needs-based support may apply for that family under the Partnership Bursary Program, or the (smaller) Recruitment Bursary Program, but not both.

Instructions and Deadlines

To apply to the Recruitment Bursary please fill out one application per family. Do not state the family name in your application, rather identify the family based on the application number. It is your responsibility to record the family for whom you are applying. Please fill in all the requested numbers. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

If you do not have a finalized amount for the tuition assistance the family is receiving from your school please estimate the number and note in the comment section that the number is not finalized.

Deadlines for submission are as follows:
First Round: May 16, 2023
Second Round: June 15, 2023

You will hear the result of your application within two weeks of the deadline.

Important Details

Only Christian School Foundation Member Schools are eligible to apply for the Recruitment Bursary.

You may only apply for one tuition assistance bursary or grant per Family through the Christian School Foundation.

You are encouraged to make applications for families who have not yet finalized the enrollment process at your school. If they decide not to attend even after they are offered the Recruitment Bursary, please notify us so that we can reallocate those funds to other families.

The Recruitment Bursary can only be used for tuition and not for staffing, equipment, or building costs.

Families who received the Recruitment Bursary in the previous school year and have financial need should apply to the Partnership Bursary Program.

If a family does not end up enrolling in your school, or leaves part way through the year, you must notify the Foundation so the funds can be reallocated to other families who may be eligible for the program. We will first attempt to reallocate the funds to another family in your school that meets the criteria.

Again: it is the school’s responsibility to track which families they have applied for. Your school must track which family corresponds to which numbered application. The Foundation does not have access to this information and cannot track this.

Successful Applications

If your school has successful applications, you will be notified within two weeks of the submission deadline.

The funds will be sent to your school via direct deposit in January.

If any of the numbers on the original application change, you must notify the Foundation. This allows us to accurately report to our schools and to our donors on the effect of the Recruitment Bursary.

The Recruitment Bursary Application can be found HERE.