The Christian School Foundation is interested in working with professional advisors to help their clients achieve their estate planning and philanthropic goals.

Here’s how we can help you help your clients:


We are experts at planned giving and we can help navigate through the various giving options with the ability to recommend the most tax efficient plan.


By working with the Christian School Foundation your clients will be able benefit several schools without having to complicate their giving plans. Your clients can also focus their gifts on specific causes or needs rather than focusing on a specific school or schools.


We can help your clients donate a variety of assets including appreciated securities, other capital gifts, life insurance policies, charitable remainder trusts, and more. We can also help your clients change their gift designation if they would like to support additional schools.

Professional and Trustworthy

Your clients can be assured that their gifts are being used as they directed. Our goal is to maintain a donor-centric process. We work to honor their charitable objectives as part of an effective estate plan.  The Christian School Foundation is also committed to working in a cost-effective manner and implementing appropriate accountability measures.

Giving with Impact

We know our Schools. We can help connect your clients to their local school or schools, or help them benefit the movement as a whole. Either way, we can help you make sure your client’s gift is meeting their goals and benefiting the designated beneficiaries.


We offer a variety of resources to help your clients learn about their giving option and start their estate planning.

Will Planning Guide

Estate Planning Checklist

Information Sheets

A number of forms are available for your consideration and can be completed with our assistance.

We look forward to hearing from you.