If you are a school that has applied for the Christian School Foundation’s Recruitment Bursary in the past, you will recognize much of the process involved in applying for our new Partnership Bursary. There are, however, some significant differences as well, and so please read this material carefully.


These bursaries are made available through the Christian School Foundation, and so any school that is a member of the Foundation is eligible to forward applications for these bursaries. Your school is not yet a member? Click Here for more information on joining the Christian School Foundation. Additionally, the Partnership Bursary program is available only to those member schools who receive no provincial funding towards tuition.

Individual families are not to apply to the Christian School Foundation for the Partnership Bursary. Rather, member Christian schools are to apply on behalf of families they have selected, keeping the identity of the families confidential. Schools should consider applying for families that are challenged to meet the cost of attending your school. These are families who meet all your enrollment criteria and that are eligible for your own school’s financial assistance programs. If your school is committed to this family and wants to give them the opportunity to experience Christian education, we want to come alongside you to supplement -and even match – what your school has awarded this family through your local assistance program.

The Partnership Bursaries is designed to help your available tuition assistance dollars go further. These bursaries are available to support families that are new to your school as well as those that have already been part of your school family. They are also available to those families with a child in more than one Christian school (double-tuition families). In short, if a family is receiving financial support from your school’s tuition assistance program, and their financial need is confirmed through the FAST online system, we want to supplement your school program’s award so that you can bless even more families than you could with the funds currently available.


The donors that are making the Partnership Bursary program available have a real heart to specifically bless those with demonstrated financial need. This has led to one of the key differences between the Partnership Bursary and the Foundation’s other bursaries. We are having the schools indicate that the applications submitted, are for families who have completed a FAST online financial assessment, which confirms a financial need.

FAST is a program designed by Independent School Management (ISM) that comprehensively evaluates a family’s financial situation. Once a family completes the FAST online form, the designated school representative will be sent a recommended award level for the family. Whether or not the school decides to award the recommended amount fully is entirely at the school’s discretion. For the purposes of the Partnership Bursary, the school needs to simply indicate that the family did go through the FAST process and their financial situation was judged to warrant some assistance. Then, if the school indicates it intends to award the family some level of support from its own fund, the Foundation will also provide supplementary funding – up to the same level of support the school itself is offering – as long as resources are available.


There is a cost for using the FAST system. The Christian School Foundation has negotiated an arrangement whereby the original set-up fee will be waived by FAST and then the cost of the applications completed for all those awarded a Partnership Bursary will be reimbursed by the Christian School Foundation.


Because the use of FAST is one of the criteria for a successful application to this program, it is important that that you contact FAST as soon as possible (e-mail Clint Losch: [email protected]), if your school intends to apply for the Partnership Bursary. Clint, or another member of the FAST team, will provide you with some videos to explain their program and arrange a time that is convenient for you to receive one-to-one instructions on how to set up the application your families can use. It is especially important to set the thresholds within the system so that they make sense for your school and the geographic area in which you operate.


Once your school is registered with FAST, we recommend you read through the rest of the Partnership Bursary application. It is relatively straightforward, and includes explanatory notes. As might be expected with any new opportunity such as this, there may be some points requiring clarification. We would be pleased to respond any questions you might have!

Bursary Applications will be available in April. The process will be simpler if you are already set up with FAST.