Any independent Christian elementary or secondary school is welcome to apply for Membership in the Foundation.

The process for application is simple.

  1. Contact the Foundation via phone or email to express interest and receive the necessary documents to consider application.
  2. Review the by-law, application form, and school and director responsibilities.
  3. Set up a meeting with the Foundation staff. We are happy to meet with school staff, attend a board or committee meeting, or speak to the school community at large.
  4. Nominate a representative Foundation board member and submit your application.

Once your school has become a member of the Foundation we will begin work in the following areas:

  • The Foundation will manage long and medium term funds such as growth/endowment funds and scholarship funds and we will work with the school to consider growth options in this area.
  • A Foundation business name will be registered on your behalf.
  • Foundation Staff will work with school staff to promote your Foundation in your community.
  • We will discuss online giving options to see if we can assist your school in this area.
  • After joining the Foundation, we are available to your school community and staff to discuss planned giving, giving options, and fund creation.