Christian School Foundation Adopts New Mission Statement

After a series of stakeholder conversations and considerable discussions at the Executive Committee and Board of Director levels, the Christian School Foundation has adopted a statement that sums up “WHY” it exists.

“The Christian School Foundation draws Christian schools and donors together to expand the influence of Christ in our culture.”

Under the leadership of Lon Swartzentruber of Design Group International (, the Foundation articulated its unique situation of ultimately having two groups of clients: Christian schools and the donors who want to have an impact through those schools.

“What brings these two groups together is their shared desire to see the influence of Christ grow in our culture. Ultimately, that is the kind of difference we want to see in the world. Christian education is a most powerful way to move us in that direction,” commented Tony Kamphuis, Foundation President & CEO.

The Christian School Foundation doesn’t seek to strengthen Christian schools as an end in itself. “If Christian schools aren’t having a positive impact on our society, if they aren’t making the world a better place, then why invest all this effort, time and money?” asked Henry Koornneef, Executive Vice-President at the Foundation. “Education is an arena of tremendous influence in our society, and Christians need to be present there.”

“Recognizing that we also serve donors means that we listen to what their philanthropic priorities are and match those priorities with needs identified by Christian school leaders,” added Koornneef. “That means having donor-advised funds, donor-directed funds, opportunities for donations made through appreciated securities or property, and so much more. Everything we do is to be marked by professionalism and integrity.”

“We see the Foundation as occupying a unique position.” Said Kamphuis. “Acting with integrity, we draw Christian schools and donors together so that both can play a role in expanding the influence of Christ in our culture.”