The Belonging Bursary Application comes in two parts. Part 1 covers the pre application tasks that apply to your whole school. There is a different application for schools that are applying to the Belonging Bursary for the first time and schools that are applying for the second time.  You must submit one Part 1 Application per school.

The Part 2 Application covers your funding requests for a specific project or staffing proposal. Schools may submit multiple Part 2 Applications. Please number the applications in the file name.

The applications are set up as fillable PDFs so that you can save a partially complete form and return to it later. Please type into the PDF directly and save them with your school name in the file title. Handwritten applications will not be accepted. For the long answer sections, you may attach additional pages to your PDF, but please ensure that they are submitted as a single PDF. If you do not know how to combine a PDF please connect with Meghan at 905-769-0798..

Belonging Bursary Application Part 1 of 2 for School Applying for the First Time

Belonging Bursary Application Part 1 of 2 for Schools Applying for the Second Time

Belonging Bursary Application Part 2 of 2

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